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 App for joining the wing TYH

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App for joining the wing TYH Empty
PostSubject: App for joining the wing TYH   App for joining the wing TYH I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 12, 2012 2:02 am

Greets to everyone.
The Brother Hood Application Form

Ingame Name:81doorman81
Real Name:Daniel

Cords of all of your planets:
4:320:4 main planet

How long you been playing
Played a few years, mostly in uni16 ( Zoners alliance) and in uni Barym

Playing style:
Trader, farmer

Why should we let you into our alliance:
To make the universe a place where even the bravest of our enemies will shit themselfes when counting those red combat reports

What TIME ZONE you from: cet+1

If you have been sent an invite from a member of TBH or TYH, please say who:

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App for joining the wing TYH
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