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 Application for TBH: simonberry40

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Application for TBH: simonberry40 Empty
PostSubject: Application for TBH: simonberry40   Application for TBH: simonberry40 I_icon_minitimeSun May 13, 2012 8:40 am

The Brother Hood Application Form

Ingame Name: simonberry40
Real Name: Simon

Cords of all of your planets:
3:112:10 (Home planet)

How long you been playing
For around 6 months or so.

Playing style:
Fleeter/raider and Fleet crasher against people who don't fleetsave/res save but currently a miner as I have a few goals mines wise for Deut levels etc before I get into 'full' fleeting again.

Why should we let you into our alliance:
I believe I have proven my right to join TBH by my hard work in the TYH Alliance previously and still believe I have a lot to offer in terms of assisting members and also in game fleeting in the future even though I have had to put my forum activity on the back-burner as my son is getting bigger and needs his daddy's attention when mummy wants to sleep during the day Smile

What TIME ZONE you from: UK GMT.

If you have been sent an invite from a member of TBH, please say who:

I agree to abide by the rules of this Alliance.
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Application for TBH: simonberry40
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