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 Simonberry40 vs Kpax7

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PostSubject: Simonberry40 vs Kpax7   Simonberry40 vs Kpax7 I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 27, 2012 8:39 am

Well me and TJ (TurningJapanese) did a bit of alley-oop today and although it was a draw and I lost a lot of ships I still
got my revenge on this little guy for nuking my planet back when I was a noob... his excuse for nuking my planet originally
was because I was a Bandit... now i'm showing him why i'm STILL a Bandit Wink hehe.

Battle of the day Sunday, February 26, 2012
The battle lasted 6 rounds

Attackers (1):
simonberry40 [X:X:X]
Weapons: XXX% Shields: XXX% Armour: XXX%
Small Cargo 30 Lost 30
Large Cargo 25 Lost 25
Light Fighter 500 Lost 500
Cruiser 100 Lost 98
Battleship 100 Lost 33
Battlecruiser 56 Lost 5
Loses 7.667.000 units
(5.305.000 Metal, 2.091.000 Crystal, 271.000 Deuterium)

Defenders (1):
Kpax7 [X:X:X]
Weapons: XXX% Shields: XXX% Armour: XXX%
Large Cargo 102 Lost 65
Light Fighter 60 Lost 49
Heavy Fighter 60 Lost 37
Cruiser 40 Lost 10
Battleship 10 Lost 0
Recycler 52 Lost 23
Espionage Probe 35 Lost 32
Solar Satellite 73 Lost 63
Battlecruiser 3 Lost 0
Rocket Launcher 942 Lost 776
Light Laser 400 Lost 328
Gauss Cannon 10 Lost 3
Ion Cannon 10 Lost 5
Loses 4.598.500 units
(3.303.000 Metal, 1.192.000 Crystal, 103.500 Deuterium)

The battle ended in a draw, both remaining fleets return back to their home planets.

Attacking fleet: 7.667.000 units
Defending fleet: 4.598.500 units
Total: 12.265.500 units

Debris (287 Recycler)
Metal: 3.896.400 units
Crystal: 1.826.400 units

Profitability (287 Recycler)
Attackers (recycling): [-26%] -1.944.200 units
(-1.408.600 Metal, -264.600 Crystal, -271.000 Deuterium)

Attackers (no recycle): [-100%] -7.667.000 units
(-5.305.000 Metal, -2.091.000 Crystal, -271.000 Deuterium)

Defenders (recycling): [24%] 1.124.300 units
(593.400 Metal, 634.400 Crystal, -103.500 Deuterium)

The chance for a moon to be created is 20%

Your recycler(s) (200) have a total cargo capacity of 4.000.000. At the target [3:18:8], 3.896.400 Metal and 1.830.600 Crystal are floating in space. You have harvested 2.169.400 Metal and 1.830.600 Crystal.
^^^ Only had 200 recs but don't worry, TJ got the rest of the metal Razz hehe... he deserved a cut anyway Smile

Battle report converted by ToolsForOgame

I'm sure this will send a message to him and Warp not to mess with our alliance or under-estimate/take us lightly again Smile
And in words of Overseer... "No fleetsave = no fleet"
Thanks to Turningjapanese for helping me nuke this guy's defence down to a reasonable level (he originally had 35 Plasma turrets before
we started nuking, lol).
Enjoy guys! May have to save up to restore my fleet before my next H.O.F. hehe Wink
And in case you were wondering about the rest of his fleet... TJ is going to polish the plate of it later when his fleet coems back Razz
I did all the hard work I guess, haha.
Oh and this is my "4th" time using my 500 LF's (even though they all died lol)...
one usage away from getting my contest reward (if it's still on? haha).
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Simonberry40 vs Kpax7
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