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 4th hit of today

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4th hit of today Empty
PostSubject: 4th hit of today   4th hit of today I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 09, 2012 10:37 am

The hit initally had more deut but then got a PM from him halfway with my fleet to his planet saying 'online'
I said 'good for you' back Laughing he must have spent like 94,000 metal on something as I probed his planet
a few minutes after he sent that message and virtually all of his metal was gone, however his Crystal and Deut
were still there, so was happy with that, haha.
If your wondering why I only have 98 cruisers I had to build 2... deploy then quickly fleet save as my other cruisers were coming back
from an attack but someone tried to attack my moon in the meantime lol so won't count as one of my '100 Cruiser attacks'
But oh well, at this point I was just purely going for extra Crystal and Deut regardless Smile

Battle of the day Sunday, January 08, 2012
The battle lasted 2 rounds

Attackers (1):
simonberry40 [X:X:X]
Weapons: XXX% Shields: XXX% Armour: XXX%
Large Cargo 8 Lost 0
Cruiser 98 Lost 1
Battlecruiser 50 Lost 0
Loses 29.000 units
(20.000 Metal, 7.000 Crystal, 2.000 Deuterium)

Defenders (1):
FleetKiller [X:X:X]
Weapons: XXX% Shields: XXX% Armour: XXX%
Heavy Laser 13 Lost 13
Gauss Cannon 3 Lost 3
Ion Cannon 11 Lost 11
Small Shield Dome 1 Lost 1
Large Shield Dome 1 Lost 1
Loses 423.000 units
(220.000 Metal, 197.000 Crystal, 6.000 Deuterium)

The attacker has won the battle!
He captured: 2.822 Metal, 54.087 Crystal, 53.564 Deuterium

Attacking fleet: 29.000 units
Defending fleet: 423.000 units
Total: 452.000 units

Debris (1 Recycler)
Metal: 12.000 units
Crystal: 4.200 units

Profitability (1 Recycler)
Attackers (recycling): [336%] 97.673 units
(-5.178 Metal, 51.287 Crystal, 51.564 Deuterium)

Attackers (no recycle): [280%] 81.473 units
(-17.178 Metal, 47.087 Crystal, 51.564 Deuterium)

Defenders (recycling): [-97%] -406.800 units
(-208.000 Metal, -192.800 Crystal, -6.000 Deuterium)

Battle report converted by ToolsForOgame
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4th hit of today
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