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 one of many potential HOFS

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PostSubject: one of many potential HOFS   one of many potential HOFS I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 04, 2012 7:44 am

Resources at Alpha-GN4 [3:457:12] (Player 'Raul83') on 01-03 20:22:45

Metal: 60.457 Crystal: 129.841
Deuterium: 18.737 Energy: 3.700

Your espionage does not show abnormalities in the atmosphere of the planet. There appears to have been no activity on the planet within the last hour.
Large Cargo 3 Light Fighter 5
Heavy Fighter 10 Cruiser 7
Battleship 19 Recycler 1
Espionage Probe 20 Bomber 1
Solar Satellite 48 Destroyer 63
Battlecruiser 12
Rocket Launcher 442 Light Laser 17
Heavy Laser 2 Gauss Cannon 6
Ion Cannon 110 Plasma Turret 3
Small Shield Dome 1 Large Shield Dome 1
Anti-Ballistic Missiles 5
Metal Mine 16 Crystal Mine 17
Deuterium Synthesizer 16 Solar Plant 17
Fusion Reactor 8 Robotics Factory 10
Nanite Factory 1 Shipyard 9
Metal Storage 7 Crystal Storage 7
Deuterium Tank 6 Research Lab 10
Missile Silo 4
Espionage Technology 8 Computer Technology 10
Weapons Technology 9 Shielding Technology 9
Armour Technology 8 Energy Technology 8
Hyperspace Technology 8 Combustion Drive 6
Impulse Drive 6 Hyperspace Drive 6
Laser Technology 12 Ion Technology 5
Plasma Technology 7 Intergalactic Research Network 1
Astrophysics 7

Will be waiting a while on this one but sooner or later it shall be mine!
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one of many potential HOFS Empty
PostSubject: Re: one of many potential HOFS   one of many potential HOFS I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 08, 2012 12:24 am

Looks good man, plenty of res in a wee while ready to be scooped up, especially in the DF when u destroy his fleet, mewonders why people who are that much into their research and fleet building etc don't fleetsave regularly *shakes head* lol. Their loss is ur gain, as the saying goes tho mate Wink
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one of many potential HOFS
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